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    Responding to the implementation of the national fitness strategy for the whole people, the garden leisure and sports are naturally combined, and the planning and design takes into account the different needs of children, young adults, middle-aged and disabled people. The perfect integration of intelligent technology, integrating scientific fitness, leisure and entertainment, environmental optimization, intelligent management and other functions, helps solve the problems faced by the national fitness facilities, and is an effective practice to achieve national health and promote the modernization of sports. It can be customized according to different needs and local characteristics.


(一)Venue configuration: basketball courts, football courts, badminton/volleyball courts, table tennis courts, walking trails and other sports facilities

(二)Outdoor fitness equipment

   1. Children's activity area

Configuration equipment: swings, seesaws, puzzle abacus, ladders, slides, climbing nets, turntables, soccer stadiums and other group activities. (Optional)

   2. Fitness area for young adults

Configuration equipment: horizontal bars, parallel bars, wall bars, ladders, combination trainers, forward push trainers, curved arm trainers, pull-down trainers, kick trainers, back trainers, flat push and flat pull trainers, and abdominal muscle boards. (Optional)

   3. Middle-aged and elderly fitness area

Configuration equipment: horse riding machine, tractor, Tai Chi massager, space walker, waist and back massager, exercise bike, rib press, elliptical machine, chess puzzle abacus, abdominal and back training device. (Optional)

   4. Activity area for the disabled

Configure equipment: configure equipment to maintain and improve the mobility of shoulder joints, wrist joints, ankle joints, and hand joints.


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