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       The Sports-Medical Fusion Smart Fitness Service Center is composed of a central system service platform, a self-service test service area, an intelligent intervention service area, and personal health management value-added equipment. It aims to provide citizens with safe and effective health through physical fitness measurement and exercise risk assessment. Guidance is a complete health management closed-loop system to enhance the physical fitness of the nation.



Construction significance

1) It is in line with the national strategy of national fitness and is a powerful implementation of the "Healthy Zhejiang" strategic plan. It provides an operable new model of community health management for the government to promote the national fitness program. It is the embodiment of the promotion of popular science knowledge into the community, cultural activities into the community, sports and fitness into the community, and health and medical services into the community. .

2) Provide a new idea for national fitness: make full use of the existing sports resources of the Sports Bureau, use scientific means to integrate and gradually transform them into productivity, so that more people can benefit.

3) Solve the problem that the existing national fitness monitoring center cannot be commercialized. That is to say, the system used by some national fitness monitoring centers is more focused on the functions of the collection, storage, statistics and analysis of fitness monitoring data. Statistics and analysis are often macroscopic and may assist the formulation of some policies. At present, the system used by the physique center lacks functions in health assessment, health intervention, and health tracking, which makes it impossible to provide individuals with personalized, targeted, and scientific fitness guidance functions, and cannot form effective health management and health promotion. The closed loop has resulted in a situation where it is difficult for the current physical fitness monitoring center to achieve a commercial operation model.

4) Provide a way out for the socialized operation of the monitoring center: the smart fitness service center integrates sports and medicine. At the beginning of its construction, it uses the latest scientific and technological achievements to integrate physical fitness monitoring (detection), health risk assessment, intelligent intervention, and health tracking. The link of health management has been built into a complete closed-loop management system, and then a complete set of health management service models have been formed to explore a way out for the central socialized commercial operation.

Configuration standard:

Prefecture-level: Smart fitness service center with integrated physical medicine and medicine, 3 to 5 million, covers an area of 500-800 square meters, configuration plan: 1 set of 11 adult fitness testers, 5 medical test equipment, 1 set of intelligent exercise prescription system , 10 smart treadmills, 8 smart sports intervention fitness equipment;

County and city level: Intelligent fitness service center with integrated physical medicine and medicine, 1.5-3 million, covering an area of 300-500 square meters, configuration plan: 1 set of 11 adult fitness testers, 5 medical testing equipment, 1 set of intelligent exercise prescription system , Sports intervention equipment is optional.

Field scene in Cixi City:

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