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Ningbo Qisheng Machinery Co., Ltd. (the predecessor of Qisheng Sports Equipment Co., Ltd.) was established in the town of Henghe, Cixi City



Qisheng in Shanghai to participate in the first national outdoor path exhibition, the product officially opened the domestic market


Ningbo City to keep the contract, re-credit units


Qisheng was named "China Olympic Committee logo licensing enterprise" and "China Olympic Committee logo licensing products"

Ningbo City to keep the contract, re-credit units.


Become a member of the China Sporting Goods Federation


The special examination unit of the sports equipment and equipment audit committee of the State General Administration of Sports


Output value of 100 million yuan, tax 20 million yuan, products up to four categories, more than 2000 varieties

Cixi City integrity enterprise

In Cixi City, Hangzhou Bay Development Zone land acquisition 60 acres, preparation for an annual output of 200,000 units of sports equipment projects, the company changed its name to Ningbo Qisheng Sports Equipment Co., Ltd


The company and Zhejiang University jointly set up a science and technology research and development center

Become the basketball rack industry standard drafting unit

Become a member of the sports newspaper

The creation of Cixi City Sports Engineering Technology Innovation Center.


In Cixi Hangzhou Bay Economic Development Zone annual output of 200,000 units of sports equipment project was officially completed, crowded into the domestic fitness equipment industry's leading enterprises

Qisheng brand sports tester is listed as the first civil servant physical fitness competition in Zhejiang Province physical fitness test equipment

Products by the Zhejiang Consumer Association recommended goods

Obtain iso9001:2000 quality management system certification

QHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification

Obtained ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification

Industrial robot welding scientific research project officially launched


Become the country's hundreds of millions of sunshine sports designated partners, and for its donation of 10 million yuan of sports equipment

Donate 200,000 yuan of sports equipment to Shanxi Province

Set up an independent research and development center in Beijing

Set up Ningbo Qisheng harmony enterprise to create a leadership group


The general manager of the company was selected as the torchbearer of the Beijing Olympic Games

The company was named Zhejiang Province sporting goods manufacturing and service demonstration enterprises

The company was awarded Cixi City Harmony Enterprise

Donate 2 million yuan of sports equipment to the earthquake-stricken areas of Sichuan


"Chisheng" brand products by the national supervision and inspection was rated as continuous quality qualified and assured brand title

"Chisheng card" by Ningbo City well-known trademarks


Development of treadmills, strength equipment, football cages

Was named Zhejiang Province quality integrity double satisfaction unit

Chess table, Trojan horse won the national innovative outdoor fitness equipment display activities memorial award

Sponsored the Guangdong University Football League


Participate in the revision of the National Standard GB19272-2011 General Requirements for the Safety of Outdoor Fitness Equipment

For five consecutive years, it won the title of "Leading Enterprise of Zhejiang Sports Industry" and "Sports Goods Demonstration Unit of Zhejiang Province"

Five consecutive years of exclusive title "Chisheng Cup Zhejiang Cage Football Championship"

Zhejiang Sports Industry Federation enterprise innovation results advanced units

Key Products of Zhejiang Sports Industry Federation (Stereo Cage Football Stadium)

He became a member of the Professional Committee of Physical Education Equipment of China Teaching Equipment Industry Association

Donate a set of caged football field equipment to the affected schools in Sichuan


Through CE, TUV, GS certification, into the European market

Products through the national NSCC certification

Set up a subsidiary "Zhejiang Wei Nessing Health Management Co., Ltd."

Was rated as Zhejiang Province consumers trusted units

National body certification center outdoor fitness equipment certified products "advanced technology, the main material is better than the standard requirements"


Access to "Zhejiang Province Sports Industry Leading Enterprises"


Joint research and development of intelligent treadmills at the German University of Technology


Successfully held the "Chisheng Cup National Cage Football Invitational"

Zhejiang Province sporting goods manufacturing demonstration enterprises

"Ningbo High-tech Enterprises"


By the China Quality Inspection Association as the national product and service quality integrity demonstration enterprises, the national quality trust products, the national fitness equipment industry quality leading brand


Participated in the drafting of GB/T34279-2017 General Requirements for the Safety of Caged Football Stadium Fence Facilities


By Zhejiang Province sporting goods manufacturing demonstration enterprises

From February 9, the company officially changed its name to "Zhejiang Qisheng Sports Equipment Co., Ltd."

Qisheng second-generation intelligent path products in 2018 China (Shanghai) International Sporting Goods Expo officially debuted, and was shortlisted for the "second-generation outdoor health"

Body equipment product selection activities

In July, zhejiang Province AAA-class "shou contract re-credit" enterprises.

Won the 2018 U.S. Federation of China's total annual provincial finals of the most influential top 20 projects

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