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Matters needing attention when using fitness sports equipment

When using fitness equipment for fitness exercises, we should pay attention to some matters, practice according to these instructions, so that our body can avoid unnecessary injuries and guide us to achieve the best exercise effect.

(1). Choose fitness equipment that suits you and pay attention to safety

There are many kinds of fitness equipment, ranging from fitness balls to multifunctional fitness equipment, as well as various self-made equipment. Due to differences in the structural features and functions of the equipment, the methods and effects of the exercises are also different. Therefore, bodybuilders of different ages and genders must choose appropriate equipment for training according to their physical conditions, hobbies, and exercise purposes. In addition, some comprehensive equipment is more complicated to use, most of which are weight-bearing displacement exercises. When practicing, pay attention to safety. Before using fitness equipment, carefully check whether the equipment can be used normally to prevent injury.

(2), pay attention to scientific and reasonable methods, persevere

Scientific and reasonable exercise method is the guarantee of fitness exercise. The selected and designed action exercises should be scientific, reasonable and pertinent. For the exercise of a certain part of the muscle, a variety of exercise methods should be developed. When choosing an exercise method, one should understand the characteristics and performance of fitness equipment on the one hand, and on the other hand, understand the structure and performance of muscles in various parts of the body, so that the exercise exercise can exert greater efficiency and achieve the best exercise effect.

The growth of power is a long and slow process. In the early stage of strength training, muscle strength and volume increase more obviously, and in the later period of time, it will become relatively difficult to improve. Therefore, if strength training is to achieve the desired results and achieve the desired goals, it not only requires the practitioners to master scientific and reasonable methods, but also to make long-term unremitting efforts, perseverance, and avoid "three days of fishing, two days of drying the net".

(3), step by step

Step by step is what any physical exercise should follow, and fitness equipment is no exception. Bodybuilders should gradually increase the amount and intensity of exercise when formulating a strength exercise plan, from small to large, from easy to difficult, from simple to complex, and must not be rushed. If a high-intensity, long-term strength training is carried out suddenly, it will not conform to the law of gradual increase in strength, which will damage the functions of the human body and even cause injury accidents. Therefore, strength training should not be too far-reaching and eager to achieve success. It is best to practice under the guidance of doctors and coaches. Exercise step by step to strengthen your body and achieve the desired goal.

(4), arrange the amount of exercise reasonably

Reasonable arrangement of exercise volume means that in the process of fitness and bodybuilding strength exercises, according to the target task and the physical condition of the practitioner, the load is gradually and rhythmically increased, so that the physical function and strength of the practitioner can be gradually improved.

People are engaged in strength training for different purposes and motivations. Some are to participate in bodybuilding competitions, some are to maintain their strength, some are to lose weight, and some are to correct their shape and posture. In addition, the health status and athletic ability of the practitioners are also quite different. For the resistance of the same load, some people find it easy, some people find it very difficult, and some people can't even complete it. These conditions must be considered when arranging the amount of exercise.

The amount of exercise is arranged from small to large, paying attention to the rhythm. Pay attention to the organic combination of large, medium and small exercises. Generally, the large and medium exercises are the main ones, and the small exercises are adjusted. Taking practice 5 times a week as an example, the amount of exercise should be arranged as: big-small-big-big-medium or small. If you practice 3 times a week, you should train for 1 day and 1 day to form a natural rhythm.

The overall trend of exercise volume arrangement is to gradually increase from small to large. In the early stage of strength training, the amount of exercise is relatively small. With the improvement of body functions and the ability to bear the load, the amount and intensity of exercise should gradually increase. In the process of increasing the amount of exercise, according to the actual situation of the practitioner, it is also allowed to "pause training".

It should be noted that it is not suitable to practice within one hour after a meal. Practice during this period will affect the function of the digestive system. It is not suitable to practice one hour before going to bed. The excitement of the cerebral cortex after exercise will affect normal sleep.

(5), all-round development

All-round development means that there are more exercise items, so that more organs or parts can be exercised, and try to avoid excessive local exercise. If you only focus on the development of the strength of the right arm during strength exercises, the accumulation of time will cause the right arm to be thick, the left arm to be thin, and even scoliosis. Moreover, long-term load can also bring muscle fatigue, leading to sports injuries. Therefore, in addition to regular equipment training, necessary auxiliary exercises are also required. Such as ball games, track and field, martial arts boxing, gymnastics, swimming, skating, dancing and other activities.

At the same time, the significance of exercise lies in the unity of body and spirit. A person with strong muscles and vulgar language and behavior is not beautiful. Practitioners should pay special attention to the cultivation of their spiritual world when exercising, and train themselves into a healthy person.



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